Who Can Be An Ambassador?

University Students

Students from different universities can become a ambassador .Class representatives and Members of different societies especially the executives ones are preferred for this ambassador ship program.


Females have extra slots for this Ambassador ship program .And they are highly encouraged to apply for CSA ambassadorship Program having good communication skills ,social activist and can share our values and mission in their universities, respectively.

Social Media influencer

Individuals who have high following on different social media platforms .Especially the the people who have access to a huge audience and can persuade and attract many viewers consistently and can motivate others to expand their social reach.

Cooperate Sector people

people who work in different cooperate sectors and have daily public dealings especially they have strong connections with people having different cultures .

Perks Of Being Ambassador

Free courses

CSA has launched number of online courses which are available in course section . you can get free enrollment in all of those courses.

Cash Price

Cash price would be awarded on the basis of performance. Minimum on the basis of one month performance cash price would be awarded .

Free Trips

on the basis of your performance CSA will take you a free trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan so, that you can explore the beauty of your country.

Gift prize

CSA will give you MUGS , T-SHIRTS  and stationary as the reward of being ambassador.

Shopping Discount

CSA will give you 50% discount coupons on online shopping as a reward of performing good as a ambassador.

Free Consultancy

CSA will give you the free consultancy on selecting your careers in the field of technology.

Fill The Form To Become An Ambassador

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