Terms & Conditions

  • “Code school of Analytics” institute is a platform for the beginners to start their career. It focuses on job oriented practical courses and provide its students with a learning environment to prepare them for the IT industry.
  • CSA is committed to providing students different opportunities to develop their skills and start their careers under the supervision of IT industry professionals and trainers.
  • The institute is a private self-regulating community, which respects the other educational institute’s lawful policies, disciplines and rules.
  • CSA provides practical training, workshops, consultations, and FYP supervision.
  • The Institute is an environment in which Students are encouraged to work as a team and participate in other leisure and educational activities with enthusiasm and commitment and to behave with tolerance and understanding, respecting the policies of the institute.
  • CSA especially focuses on Resource outsourcing depending upon the performance of students that will lead to instant internship/job opportunities.
  • 1. Enrolment:
  • 1.1  By enrolling in any CSA program, students agree to comply with the institute’s terms and conditions.
    1.2  CSA reserves the right to refuse enrolment or terminate a student’s participation for any reason.

    2. Fee Conditions:
    2.1 Tuition fees for each program are outlined on the CSA website and are due before the program’s commencement.
    2.2 Flexible 2-month Installment plan may be available, and any discounts or scholarships will be communicated through official channels.
    2.3  Refund Policy: The registration Fee of 5000 PKR is not refundable, Full Fee will be refunded within 8 days. 50% Fee will be refunded within 15 days after the commencement of Classes. No Fee is refundable after 30 days.

    3. Training Modes:
    3.1 CSA offers both 1:1 Coaching and group training sessions, allowing students to choose the mode that suits their preferences.
    3.2 Training is available in both physical and online modes. Students can select the mode that best aligns with their needs.

    4. Punctuality:
    4.1 Students are expected to attend all classes, sessions, and appointments punctually. And Submit all the projects and assignments according to due dates.
    4.2 Absences must be communicated in advance, and makeup sessions may be arranged at the discretion of CSA.

    5. Learning Environment:
    5.1 CSA is committed to providing a positive and collaborative learning environment.
    5.2 Students are encouraged to actively participate in team activities, workshops, and other educational events with enthusiasm and commitment.
    5.3 Respect for institute policies, disciplines, and rules is mandatory for maintaining a conducive learning environment.

    6. Resource Outsourcing:
    6.1 CSA focuses on resource outsourcing opportunities based on student performance, leading to instant internship/job opportunities.
    6.2 Students are encouraged to excel in their courses to increase their chances of benefiting from resource outsourcing initiatives. CSA asl0 provides job opportunities based on performance.

    7. Code of Conduct:
    7.1 Students are expected to behave with tolerance, understanding, and respect toward fellow students, faculty, and staff.
    7.2 Violation of institute policies may result in disciplinary action, including warnings, suspension, or expulsion.

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