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Are you a business professional, analyst, or data enthusiast looking to enhance your data analysis and workflow automation skills? Look no further! Our highly immersive KNIME Workshop is here to equip you with the expertise you need to unlock the full potential of data analysis using the power of KNIME
Led by industry experts with extensive experience, this workshop is carefully designed to cater to individuals with little to no prior experience in KNIME. We understand the importance of practical learning, which is why our workshop provides hands-on experience in data preprocessing, feature engineering, and advanced data analysis using KNIME.

Topics Covered

  • Comprehensive coverage of fundamental aspects of KNIME
  • Relevant and practical skills that can be immediately implemented
  • Hands-on approach using real-world data sets within the KNIME environment
  • Expert guidance from industry professionals with real-world experience
  • Versatile applications for business analysts, data scientists, and data professionals
  • Unlock the power of data analysis and workflow automation
  • Enhance career prospects and make significant contributions to your organization
  • Gain valuable insights and become proficient in building sophisticated workflows
  • Drive data-informed decision-making.









Meet the Trainer

Mr. Faisal Adnan is an IT Professional having a diverse working history of 5+ years of competitive experience in the IT Industry with a focus on Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse. He is currently providing his services at Systems Limited as Business Intelligence Consultant. Knime, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, SSIS, Vertica, Tableau, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, Data Engineering, and BI Reporting are some of his areas of specialization. He has strong industry knowledge, and the capacity to organize, schedule, and predict commercial activities.

Faisal Adnan

DWH and BI Trainer

Tools & Technologies

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